EP Review: Imaginary Farm by Jonas Wang


Artist and producer Jonas Wang released a new four-track jazz hop EP titled “Imaginary Farm” on the 3rd of March from London, United Kingdom.

Jonas Wang is a musician and music student at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire based in north London. He writes and produces music in different styles including pop, electro, funk, hip hop, and most lately chill hop with his newest EP “Imaginary Farm” which was released earlier this month.

The EP “Imaginary Farm” has a chill and cozy vibes throughout the four short tracks, and they’re chock full of cool ideas in instrumentation, harmony, composition, arrangement, and sound design production techniques that make the EP truly unique in its genre.

Jonas Wang took inspiration from all kinds of different places while writing and producing “Imaginary Farm” which originally began from him practicing jazz standards, the influence of which can clearly be heard in the extra spicy and exotic harmonic chord progression, to the famous, charming, and widely adored Nintendo video game “Animal Crossing” with production techniques and sound design elements that are incorporated and baked into each track, like animal sounds and chiptune synths.

Jonas Wang takes even more influences from lo-fi hip hop that is characteristically dreamy and mellow, yet the production is so clear and distilled that every element in the mix sounds prominent and intimate, like the guitar chords, the jazzy sax improvisation solo, and organic percussions that add so so much extra flavor to an otherwise amazing electronic production.

The four tracks are short and distilled down to the very core of what they offer. The longest of the four tracks has a duration of only two minutes and twenty-one seconds, and the whole EP is just under eight minutes long. The decision by Jonas Wang to cut the EP this short was probably to keep it interesting without repeating any ideas, but I know that I wouldn’t mind an extended version as I kept playing the tracks on repeat. I would love to hear a rerelease of “Imaginary Farm” where Jonas Wang makes more generous use of his brilliant ideas that is no less than twenty minutes if I’m not too greedy.


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