Weightausend – Yard Sale by Scott Young


There is something utterly harrowing about Scott Young’s latest release, titled ‘Yard Sale’. A piece of purely industrial buzz, ‘Yard Sale’ experiments with minimalism, creating a compelling sense of addictive dread that was nothing short of astonishing.

 If you’ve ever wondered about what could possibly be challenging about using sampled beats to create what can effectively be called a drum solo, then Scott Young’s latest collaboration with experimental music producer Weightausend is here to show how these sampled clips can be arranged in such ways to illicit reactions you probably never thought possible.

 Because what can ever be scary about a bunch of percussive elements coming together in the congregation, right? Wrong. ‘Yard Sale’ has a challenging lack of rhythmic center that makes the whole piece unsettled, and put that next to the static, buzzing drone, the piece feels like constantly attempting to drill a hole into my brain. None of the samples carry a single element of horror, yet the way they are put together conjures a sense of refreshing danger like being chased around an abandoned factory by blade-wielding, post-apocalyptic killers.

 If you’ve ever played Fallout 3, and you’re familiar with its chapter titled The Pitt, then you’re pretty much where ‘Yard Sale’ took me. This difficult listen is a testament to a truly talented pair of producers and is a genuinely interesting listen that will get your heart rate up. ‘Yard Sale’ is an amazing listen for seekers of truly smart pieces of industrial and experimental music. 



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