What if by lukx


Musical duo Lukx and Dad released a new multi-language hip hop single titled “What if” on the 7th of April from Brussels, Belgium.

Lukx and Dad are a musical father and son collaboration from Belgium Swedish origins who release singles together on the first Friday of every month. Lukx writes the songs, while Dad composes, produces, and mixes the songs in their home studio in Brussels, Belgium.

There isn’t any point in explaining how the two artists got together, as it seems quite evident, but it’s an interesting dynamic where a father and son work together and support each other in their musical endeavors.

The pair seem to have great creative chemistry as can be heard in their latest release “What If” where the music and the writing blend perfectly together to create a coherent narrative and interesting soundscape.

Lukx delivers multiple styles of singing and rapping on “What If” without any one single style taking prominence, making his sound diverse and engaging throughout the song.

The music and production on “What If” by Lukx’s Dad are clean and funky. The song sounds professionally mixed and mastered, and the composition itself lends itself to the mellow and wondrous vibe of the songwriting.


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