Album: Electronic Symphonic by Jay Roecker


Jay Roecker finally drops his long-anticipated album. Titled Electronic Symphonic, the album’s two main guises are effervescent, driving pieces of electro-pop a-la The Weeknd, or more experimental and quirky pieces of electronica that sound like little else that I’ve ever heard. Jay Roecker has a sound that he never shies from exploring and utilizing, to generally fruitful results. 

The Austin-based singer and songwriter Jay Roecker is a singer and songwriter whose infatuation with the vintage sound of the dazzling 80s, with quirky synths and gated reverb, helps him craft modern electro-pop that’s hip, relevant, and engaging. On his latest full-length release, Electronic Symphonic, Jay drops 10 songs and a couple of remixes that explore a plethora of styles and colors while remaining true to their core elements of bustling synths, and pure, electronic production, and the result is a cohesive, lengthy body of work that has a song for nearly everybody and every mood. 

Almost all songs on this release feature simplistic compositions and beats, and a production that’s injected with pure, unadulterated adrenaline. From the already-released Pour On Me, we move onwards to the relentless, driving A New Day For You. Carrying heavily from The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights, both A New Day For You and The Following Sus use hard-hitting, electronic beats, simple, repetitive vocal melodies, and fast tempos to create a momentum that never gives off until the last note. 

I Had a Dream is just as energetic, but the more melodic approach highlights Roecker’s individual singing abilities and showcases his style better than anything that preceded it. The emotive composition, pounding beats (listen to that kick drum), and Jay’s multi-faceted vocal delivery make for a very engaging piece of electro-pop. Electronic Symphonic, the title track, starts jittery and undecided, taking a moment to fully materialize. But when it does, the song becomes operatic and grand, full of panache and drama through its multiple sections despite its relatively short runtime. 

Thicker Than Blood and Chances Are are a one-two punch of laid-back balladry that get progressively easier and softer. The emotional chord progressions of Thicker Than Blood and the dramatic slow tempo make it an introspective and thoughtful piece of music. Chances Are is a delicate piano ballad that features momentous jazz chords and a contemplative, restrained vocal delivery from Roecker, which make it one of the album’s most unforgettable moments. The album then proceeds to end with a heartfelt, modern cover of Frank Sinatra’s essential classic, My Way. An extremely bold choice to not only cover Frank Sinatra, but also to spin a decidedly modern take on it, then proceed to end the album with the result. And I’m more than glad to announce that Roecker pretty much pulls it all off. Comparisons aside, there can be no denying that Roecker’s take on this timeless classic is tasteful and respectfully executed, staying true to the expansive drama of the original, Roecker’s vocals are also shining on the piece. 

Is it a bad thing that the album’s most memorable piece is a cover? Who can say. Electronic Symphonic is a healthy album full of neat ideas, crisply executed. Jay Roecker is a talented musician, just on the precipice of something truly great, and his latest album brings him ever closer to achieving his potential.