Flow of Time by Distorise


From within the darkest of places, you’ll find a light shining…

From within the dry forests, you’ll find a flower growing…

You’ll find life emerging where there’s no life…

That’s what Ukraine-based electronic music producer Distorise has been living through for the past period of time…and now, he releases “Flow Of Time”…he’s not a quitter, obviously.

Distorise is an electronic music producer focusing on crafting drum N bass, creating unique synth sounds from scratch, unique to each track he writes…so not only is Distorise a music producer, but also a sound designer…which for me is like being a painter, you create unique strokes of sound on the analog synth…maybe never to create it exactly in the same way ever again, it’s a creature…it feels like creating a living creature made from sound…

It’s absolutely creative and unique I’d say.

Distorise never stopped creating music for the last 10 years, even with the war going on in Ukraine, he did not stop…he even experienced the power grid going out, there was no electricity, but even that did not stop him….he ran his PC and his analog synth from huge power banks, the really big ones.

…so…with all of these struggles, from within the war, from within the darkness, Distorise literally rises from the ashes and releases “Flow Of Time”.

“Flow Of Time” is a very storytelling-based drum N bass track…I could almost see it as a soundtrack, it’s the kind of track that you’ll really experience if you close your eyes and let your mind soar wherever the music takes you.

Starting from the intro, which is subtle with the beat jumping in and taking us by our hands to boost us into the atmosphere…the beat with the bass synth sounds are absolutely awesome…they feel…melodic, I love how they lock in together.

The violins scattered in the track are perfect, both in how they sound and how they play…again, it’s one of the elements that made me feel the storytelling more clearly.

“Flow Of Time” is a 5 minutes 5 seconds track that absolutely nails your headphones to your head and will make you listen to it on a loop…you’ll find many nuances, many details, and many stories within this track.

Distorise, we wish you all the best and wish safety and comfort for your country.

You’re creating amazing storytelling drum N bass music that is absolutely unique, we will definitely be looking forward to more music from you.



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