You’ll Never Beat The Addiction by Jay Luke


After years of experience in the music scene since 2003, seasoned artist Jay Luke decided to launch his solo career and release his debut record “It’s About Time” in 2017 which was followed up by “Vandalized Memories” in 2019 and “Alone In The Crowd” in 2021. On August 19th, 2022, Luke dropped his latest rocking single “You’ll Never Beat The Addiction” we’ll dig deeper into it, let’s see how it goes.

Jay Luke gets straight to the point right from the intro of “You’ll Never Beat The Addiction”, as it opens with heavy riffs and melodic shredding before he slips in with the verse’s powerful vocal melody. The verse’s pounding drums, heavy bassline, and thick distortion helped push Luke’s vocals to the front framing the melody that smoothly leads to a simple catchy chorus with a perfect bridge build-up. As any proper heavy metal song, “You’ll Never Beat The Addiction“ offers relentlessly energetic dynamics with loads of melodies, a heavy influential subject, and KILLER guitar work that’ll send you off your seat headbanging. 

“You’ll Never Beat The Addiction” shouts true heavy metal with every single note, it clearly shows Jay Luke’s influences and how he sticks to them while adding his own DNA into the mix creating his own headbanging sound. Looking forward to more from Jay Luke, keep on rocking, cheers! 



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