1969 by L3o


An artist who creates a great mix in one album with different genres that vibe smoothly together, from the mix of R&B, indie pop, rap, and some synthetic beats, “Alex Leon” is based in Florida making his music that’s unique and different from any artist you can encounter, He goes by the name “L3o” which goes on with inventing an album “1969” was released 27th of February, 2017.

This being made before the lockdown is incredible and how he did this kind of music that can mix between both modern and the early 2000s in one piece that is each carefully put together  in the album “1969.”

In this album, he showed a unique sense of music that he possesses when making instrumental laid-back music, “Intermission (No More Love Song)” which caught my attention as if it’s made to be played in a movie scene.

The album starts with a song called “Blue Skies: P.T.L.L.” that has a deep meaning in its lyrics that has an aesthetic beat played that gets you nostalgic. A song called “Rolling Stones” can be recognized by only the intro and the lyrics as he sings to a girl describing her beauty and being lust in her love. “3 AM Waterfall” is about a relationship and overthinking that can ruin beautiful moments and addictive habits.

Alex has created 7 deeply creative songs in the album “1969” that will get you feeling nostalgic for your past self, “1969” album is the kind of track that you can just listen to over a cup of tea and work within a coffee shop. It’s the kind of track that gives you the motivation to get through work. I can’t recommend this track more.

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