EP “Endless Summer 2” by Edge & Babi Lou


It is no less hot than the August sun, and sweet as the breeze that caresses you when you relax and this sun is setting, and you will find one of his songs waiting for you when you decide to go to spend the rest of the day in the club open to the sea and want to dance until you lose consciousness. This EP “Endless Summer 2” is the latest release by upstate New York-based rap duo Edge and Babi Lo.

We can describe this duo’s stature as a “success after trouble”, both Edge and Babi Lou have topped over 750 playlists on Spotify, and recently brought us this summer 6-song EP full of creative energy.

It is a long, hot summer, says Edge and Babi Lou, but with them, you won’t feel it, they cut it short in about 18 minutes. Until the first song titled “3 seconds”, which starts heavy, reminds me of “Craig David” in the ’90s, when you wake up tired from a tumultuous night to start a new phase of stress and problems and it happens that you are in the summer where you long for rest in the sun and back to the nights Loud, but you can’t even be alone for 3 seconds. The rhythm of the song is nice and fits very well with its theme.

The duo managed to snatch some time to go downtown to pass the club and have some drinks, to find their song “If You Wit It” played by the DJ, and people gather around the dance floor and chanted as they dance with their hands up and down with the explosive rhythm of the dance, and the unparalleled lyrical performance. It cuts off with the bells and attracts you against your will towards it. I liked the tone that the song started with and started to fall back into the background but it sounds clear with the vocals, it made a really loud atmosphere. While they were there, “Intoxicated” was added to the list, which kept the night going on the same level of excitement but with a different rhythm, dancing in a dirty style.

“Sorry” is a first-class rhythmic song, where the rhythm dominates the vocals and the lyrics, inspired by the afro rap that is always ready to move your body on the beach with your lover, its words touch your soul like little waves tickle your feet while you dance, they are full of a wonderfully romantic atmosphere that forces you to hold The hand of your sweetheart and you feel every moment you have lived or will live through.

“OH I can’t stay” I loved her so much and fell in love with her from the first second, she dances so deliciously, Edge and Babi Lou’s singing is wonderful and different from what they did in the songs on the EP, it makes you complete the summer and “Endless Summer 2” with all that it holds hot.

Does the summer end with “Do It Again” I think no, but the fun that the duo gave us ends with this song, it’s a successful ending in terms of the name, it tells you to do it again and listen to this album and maybe the wonderful music of Edge and Babi Lou.

The duo proves that there is nothing they can’t do or sing, finding the best and most creative ways to present their stories with different seasons of the year and not just summer, they deserve and deserve this EP to everything special besides your follow-up on them and everything they release.


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