RUN IT by Amy Correa Bell


A Guatemalan-rooted, American pop star Amy Correa Bell released a new single titled ‘RUN IT’ with a very unique structure of sound and a mesmerizing theme.

RUN IT’ is a very sentimental track with a personal touch having her brother ‘Les Les as a producer to the track and speaking of the struggles how her ancestors and the problems they went through and how they managed to overcome them eventually. The track is an invitation to hold responsibility for unfortunate events and states how surviving is inevitable in people’s lives. 

The track has a vintage theme with clear elucidated vocals and music, as the track begins with a progressive synth, and Amy’s vocals hit as an epic fighter’s themed vocals with some light drumming to add the levitation to the track.

The overall theme is adequate to the track’s vibes, especially the hardened vocal lines and the mixture of light and heavy drums adding a battleful theme, lyrically “RUN IT’”needed to be more expressive of the struggles and to hold more feelings of fight into them. 

RUN IT’ is very close in sound to Amy’s previous releaseAnyways’ in terms of mood and the vintage theme of the track and the classic Hip Hop tuned drums and 90’s pop theme which is almost conquering the two latest releases.

On the other hand, Amy Bell’s vocals can drown you in her vocal waves that pull your ears like a magnitude and keeps your ear drums alive and always ready and thrilled to hear more of her genuine, mesmerizing vocals.

While ‘RUN IT’ has recently been released as a pop song, it sooner became one of my likes list on Spotify, quickly play the track and add a hit pop to your likes immediately!


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