A Day Too Late by Marshal Herridge


Marshall Herridge is a Jazzist who’s here to provide an all-inclusive, sensual, and delicate Jazz experience that ought to prove if anyone ever claimed that Jazz was dying, that it’s alive and thriving.

Vancouver-born and based in NYC, Marshall has been making waves in the Jazz circles for quite some time. Having a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, Marshall Herridge has worked with some of the most prominent faces in modern American jazz. His debut 2019 album, Chapter One, has been met with acclaim from accolades and critics equally. “A Day Too Late” is one of many songwriter-style jazz songs that he’s planning to release. This one sees him feature Caity Gyorgy, whose star is currently shining bright. JUNO-winning vocalist, composer, and lyricist whose specialty is Swing and Bebop. She also worked with some of the more prominent figures in jazz across the border in Canada.

‘A Day Too Late’ is swinging, sensual, and sweet. The ballroom vibes are warm and ever welcome. The composition is twisting and unpredictable yet approachable and enticing. The words and the singing are equally enjoyable. Caity sings in a low register, and in volume making her voice sound vulnerable and the words relatable, which is fitting for a song that’s about being always a little late to show one’s emotions. The instrumentation and arrangement are relatively simple. a guitar and a drum kit with an upright piano and bass suffice for the majority of the piece. A dazzling solo played on a flute is an exception. the performances are tastefully restrained with experienced musicality oozing from every pore.

This song is a delicate reminder of the stark beauty that can always be found in the weird heart of Jazz, and for a genre largely based on being left fielded and bizarre relative to what regularly hits the airwaves, Marshall Herridge provides clear proof that beauty, soul, style, and passion can easily be found in Jazz. Especially Jazz that’s as striking and as professional as this song is.




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