Stay Sane (ft. Courtney Jean) by Devin Farney


The San Francisco-based recording artist/composer/songwriter Devin Farney is really good at what he does. What he does is a unique and genuinely pleasing strain of melodic Pop that’s gentle, accessible, equally interesting, and thought-provoking in a smart way; a difficult and rare formula to achieve. 

His fantastically produced new album ‘Is/Was’ is a triumph in gentle, well-written pop gems. ‘Stay Sane’ is one of the album’s tracks, clocking in at less than 3 minutes in length, this tune is an acoustic guitar-driven piece of pop-folk. The immaculate vibes are delivered courtesy of a rich synthesizer line that leads the way from the background. The foreground is dominated by the strummed acoustic guitar, the gorgeous chord progressions, and melodies that are equal parts colorful and full of melancholy. The lyrics are touching, and sweet while the pace of the music is hypnotic and soothing, such a beautiful piece of work.

This is the second song that I’ve had the pleasure of writing down my thoughts on for Devin Farney, and the second time he has left me feeling a gentle feeling of calmness through his chill compositions, and I want it to be far from the last. 


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