A great day by Davide Anniballi


Davide Anniballi’s ‘A great day’ is a masterful instrumental rework of his composition of the same name that puts the delicate and rich arrangement in the front and center, allowing attention and focus to pour over the plethora of moving elements of which this piece is built.

Davide Anniballi is a composer from Pesaro, Italy. His latest release, A great day, is a wholesome and fulfilling listen, designed to provoke pleasant feelings, and through this, it manages to be an aurally majestic experience that does not get repetitive with multiple listens. A great day is cinematic and grand while retaining an airiness that makes it gentle and easy on the senses. Loaded with lush arrangement details, the strings soar, the piano sparkles, the clarinet serenades, and the cymbals heave, all being perfectly restrained and gorgeously mature. The composition itself is as engaging and as dynamic as a soundtrack for a fantasy movie or video game, it certainly succeeds in delivering a soundscape that’s soothing, nice, and an escape from the humdrum reality.

Davide Anniballi’s composition is healthy and sweet, noble and pleasant, a combination of elements so pretty it’s hard to believe something of this innocence has a place in this life… but it does, and boy are we glad that it does.




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