Understood by Eva Westphal


Eva Westphal is a NY-based pop singer-songwriter with a classical background and a passion for making the music industry a more inclusive and safe place for people regardless of their gender or sexuality.

Her latest single “Understood” describes how she felt out of place and alienated when straight females around her talked about their boyfriends and she, as a lesbian woman, had no friend or significant other to understand her.

The song is short (2 minutes) and the vocals and acoustic guitar begin straight away. While the vocals describe that feeling of being different, the chorus speaks of finally being “understood” and meeting the right person.

The guitars are played by a female queer guitarist, and the team behind the production of the song is entirely female, and that’s truly what inclusion and paving paths for women and minorities is all about. It’s work, in reality, not just advocacy or support.

The song has amazing and positive vibes, and Eva’s sensational breathy vocals match with the acoustic guitar amazingly. You’ll definitely feel emotional with the verses and peaceful with that wonderful chorus. I recommend this song to anyone who wants to feel empowered and strengthened.


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