Album: 222 by Issara


Issara, the talented France based artist, has released her debut album, “222”, paying tribute to the women who shaped her life and her artistic vision…a highly musical and lyrical album experience that checks all the boxes from start to finish.

The soul-pop-rock fusion, influenced by Thai, French, and American influences, offers a raw and honest exploration of female empowerment…with a bold choice, Issara went for producing the album by herself, demonstrating resilience and determination amidst the challenges of motherhood.

“222” starts with a bombastic and a theatrically soaring experience, “Ride” is the ‘big bang’ moment for the album, where it all starts…powerful, impactful, melodic, full of addictive energy.

While the album continues to maintain its musicality and the artistic persona of Issa…it goes through the whole musical spectrum of emotions…while is pretty clear with songs like “Rise Up” and “Love”…where Issara goes into a twisting and turning storytelling experience that goes from the minimal voice and guitar to a full on upbeat song…and with the latter being a very soulful and smooth experience…

“Women” is another example of the messaging and catchy nature of Issara’s artistic persona…a funky and upbeat story for the world.

“222” is 11 songs, 11 stories, 11 powerful and determined experiences that really captures the melodic nature and soulful color of Issara’s musical direction…a journey that is not to be missed at all costs.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant Issara.



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