Album: Lo-Fi Sensation by V-Train


It’s an avalanche of Lo-Fi hip-hop and jazz that will plunge you deep into an ocean of dreams, calm sounds, and mature ideas, brought on by V-Train with their third release, “Lo-Fi Sensation”.

This artist based in Lansdale, USA, known for his similar productions, enjoys using instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, and other percussion instruments. Of which live release group 7 singles and 3 albums, it can be considered as a Lo-Fi playlist alone.

“Lo-Fi Sensation” immerses us deep into the world of Lo-Fi with all the audible instruments on 10 tracks, beautifully executed by V-Train with powerful and very moving music.

The snorkeling journey begins with the first track “Gone Fishing” which can be considered a perfect prelude to a completely different dimension with soothing melodies that make you feel weightless.

And when “Passing Storm” comes along, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a powerful hurricane of tunes while listening to it. Lo-Fi music is sweetly complex in structure, but this hurricane will calm your soul in a way you can’t imagine.

“Calm Sensation” is the third track on the album and it will certainly complete the journey of calm on a different level. Acoustic pieces with ukulele chords add a strong structure and structure that makes you hear and feel your heartbeat throughout the track.

The fourth path “My Cave” will take you down to the peace of your cave. The tones of the piano keys are very psychedelic, and their gentle sounds create a sweet feeling that makes them a favorite of many.

“Late Night Sensation” is the fifth track on the album and I think it starts a different stage in the “Lo-Fi Sensation” journey, where the drums are louder at night, but it’s also cleverly placed after “My Cave” to start from and maximize impact. This track is perfect, especially the little touch of old-school jazz and hip hop.

The sixth track “Jazzy Nights” and its name and music you will find yourself listening to the fifth track, which has a little jazz. But it also carries a tone of feelings that must make you think of your consciousness on a night like this. And the two paths can be considered as a bridge between the two phases of the journey.

“Wait” is a track that can be considered a new beginning for the second and final phase of the album’s journey. The rhythm throughout the track makes you feel a surreal movement that produces a web of feelings and sensations that assure you that you won’t get out of it easily.

Track 8 “Painful Past” is the track that will announce when you’ll reach the destination of the trip and you’ll start to deal with your heart breaking to the beat. The vocal pieces used in this track are hypnotic and support the track firmly.

“Wishful Thinking” is the ninth route and second leg of the flight objective. It is like advice to wise thinking after what the Eighth Path has done to you. It is suitable for all hip-hop lovers and is one of the most popular tracks on the album.

Block Party is the last track on the album and can be seen as the best way to end the “Lo-Fi Sensation” journey. Heavy piano keys accompany the rhythm and the drum chopping sound makes the track the perfect closing feast.

If you are a fan of Lo-Fi, hip-hop, and jazz, don’t miss out listening to “Lo-Fi Sensations” from V-Train.


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