No Exit by HVIRESS


Almost every field in life is open to whoever wants to join, including music. Many are passionate about music and have the talent that makes them good musicians, but not all can present authentic, one-of-a-kind music that has their own flavor and signature. The Deathpop queens, HVIRESS, belong to this type of unique musician, and their latest single, “Not Exit,” manifests it all.

Once I laid my eyes on the single’s title, “No Exit,” I remembered Sartre’s play that has the same title, and its famous line, “Hell is other people,” resonated in my head. Only to find out that it’s not a coincidence! The duo Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald (Birdeatsbaby) have made their own treatment of the French playwright Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit Play.

“No Exit” has the duo’s artistic identity of myth, magic, and an edgy blend of Deathpop and Electro Pop. The song starts with peculiar, dark footage and sound, which made me think I was about to hear a hard-sounding song with screaming and growling. Once the vocals hit their mark, I listened to the complete opposite of my speculation. Hana and Mishkin both have aerial, sophisticated vocals with a powerful, passionate attitude and intense performance.

The song is not only intense vocal-wise, but all elements also simulate a vague, gloomy, hill-like version. The lyrics have a psychological and philosophical theme with a cold ambiance. The obscure, solid production of Evan Rodaniche with the bold, spooky instrumentation supports the atmosphere. The killer music video shows the duo as the dominant, and features Simon Field as bravery, who is Garcin in the play. And the band also collaborated with Garry Mitchell to make this genuine work of art.

HVIRESS is a band to seek out if you want to hear a sound you won’t hear anywhere else and songs with a deeper meaning. As in “Not Exit” below.


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