Album: Mind of a Madman II by John Keenan

Janelle Etzel

Hip hop artist John Keenan’s latest rap album “Mind of a Madman II” was released on the 30th of January from Scottsdale, United States.

I feel shy writing this review. John Keenan’s mastery of the word far supersedes my own. There is not much I can say that this incredible artist has not already said better. He had this to say about his latest album: 

“Mind of a Madman is a challenge for you, not a cd about me. I’m challenging others to become the madman and do that impossible thing.”

We may be witnessing the next phenomenal rap artist. The mastery of lyricism and delivery on display throughout “Mind of a Madman II” is indescribable, and the charismatic nature of John Keenan on real topics just makes this whole album pure art.

John Keenan wrote his latest album as a sequel to a previous one he wrote and released almost thirteen years ago, “Mind of a Madman” and it came from a place of real personal struggle for Keenan, whether it be his fight with addiction, or grappling with mental health. John Keenan was on the brink of collapse just prior to writing the first album, and he came back strong and pulled through it all with four album releases since.

By the time I reached track four of the album, “Rap Cat” my jaw dropped and my mind was blown. I could not believe what I was hearing, and I took my headphones off just to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating this voice as if I could hallucinate something this creative and tongue in cheek.

The album as a whole has it all, from top-tier production, feats of amazing artists, and diversity in styles and genres, to topics personal, social, political, and even economic. John Keenan is a phenomenon that we may never see the like of again.