Another Day by Julian Tran


Artist Julian Tran released his melancholic indie single “Another Day” on the 2nd of February from London, United Kingdom.

Julian Tran is an indie singer-songwriter who writes, performs, records, and produces by himself, which gives his music a unique individuality and a vivid artistic expression.

Julian Tran previously released an album titled “Misery” two years ago in 2021, with eight tracks full of melancholy, nostalgia, and smooth, soulful instrumentation.

“Another Day” is the latest single released by Julian, and it builds upon the artist’s style once more since his previous release, with a soothing vocal performance, and calm instrumentation that starts with a piano, followed by a gently fingered acoustic folk guitar.

As the song progresses, more instruments come in, with synths and electric guitars filling up the soundscape following a subtle key change. 

Finally, part three of “Another Day” is where the dynamics really pick up, with strummed guitars on the guitar, bass notes on the piano, and drums playing kick, snare, and ride.

The song doesn’t overindulge in the performance of any one element but rather sticks to beautiful simplicity that works in elevating the emotional impact of the song as a whole artistic vision.


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