Drugs Riddim by Akaleshnus


“Drugs Riddim” has a killer sound, profound vocal delivery, and hard-hitting lyricism. Akaleshnus obviously didn’t miss a single detail to make a track that conveys his artistic identity and his message.

The Florida-based musician Akaleshnus has an exceptional talent that he uses to send noble messages. “Drugs Riddim” is his first single of 2023, and it will effortlessly appeal to any hip-hop fan with its modern execution, diverse, solid performance, and fusion musicality.

“Drugs Riddim” is like a sacred ritual delivered through a bouncy yet serious beat. The storyline escalates slowly and methodically, while the pace quickens, giving it an edgy, pumping vibe. The lyric content of the track, as well as how it is devotionally carried through natural flows, convey to us what the region believes of Akaleshnus and his perspective on how any problem can be wiped away when God is placed between you and that problem. He has an awareness objective that needs to be delivered to all, and if you’re a believer, it will reach your core twice as hard.

The song features artists Juggernaut and Catalyst, who together with Akaleshnus offer such a charismatic, tense, and sincere take. The instrumental is backing up the vocal performance well and builds the ideal atmosphere, with each element exactly where it’s supposed to be to give the best effect. The lyrics and vocal prowess, on the other hand, stand out and penetrate ears and hearts from the first listen.

This track, I must say, is not your typical rap song; it has exotic characteristics and a unique way of conveying a message, and that is what makes it worthy of attention and appreciation.  



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