Arethusa by Herald K


One of the endearing things about stories is that you hear them each time differently, imagining it with the teller’s eyes. In his latest single, “Arethusa,” Herald K managed to narrate the nymph’s Greek myth in his own spectacular way.

If like me, you enjoy myths, literature, music, and what they all represent and reflect, then without a doubt, you’ll be immersed in the beauty of Herald K’s “Arethusa.” It’s a well-crafted song, where each element is well placed and contributes to making it a hunting song with chilly, peaceful vibes, carrying the myth’s atmosphere, and topping your favorite playlist.

According to the ancient Greek myth, Arethusa is a Naiad-nymph of a sacred spring in the Greek colony of Syracuse on the island of Ortygia near Sicily. She was loved by the river-god Alpheus, from whom she had fled. She prayed to the goddess Artemis for help and was transformed into a spring. The myth has a resemblance to Apollo and Daphne’s, in which the Naiad-nymph Daphne is transformed into a laurel tree to escape Apollo’s pursuit.

The myth is about temptation, chasing, running away, and having to make a huge transformation. If I were to imagine how this would be conveyed to sound, it would be loud, angry, frustrated, confused, and melancholic. Nonetheless, the Vienna-based Norwegian singer/songwriter, Herald K, along with other stellar musicians, managed to portray the tale in the most serene, cozy manner with a distinctive Folk sound.

The song starts with some gentle chords, and it is driven by a soothing Nyckelharpa played by Stephan Steiner. This wonderful string instrument sets the mood, and its solo is passionate and feels as if you’re seeing the nymph transforming. Herald K’s raw, melodic vocals made me want to learn all about Greek myths all over again with his soulful storytelling. He knows how to deliver the lyrics in a mystic, captivating way. The backing female silky vocals of Jessica Slavik and Lina Louise added charm and profundity to the single.

“Arethusa” is a song you listen to with your eyes closed and let it take you to witness the story on the banks of the Greek island with a tranquil composition in the background. It’s the first single from the upcoming album, “Mythologies,” and I absolutely cannot wait to see what it holds!


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