Around by Proklaim


From Windhoek, Namibia, Proklaim is making a huge splash with his song and music, one after another.

Prokliam is a solo artist that started making music in 2011…when he was actually learning to play the guitar… The interesting part is that he began to rap while learning the guitar…and it just took off.

Since 2011, Proklaim did not stop, he has continued to create what he loves, which is hip-hop/rap vibing songs…which actually got him on MTV Base on Kingz Video.

…and I’m sure that is only the beginning for Proklaim.

He went on to create one song after another and now, we’re witnessing his latest release “Around”, which was recorded in Namibia and mixed by Lu Diaz in Florida.

Proklaim crafted  “Around” with a particular personal message, a message he wishes to share with the whole world and it is something anyone can learn from really…let me quote what Proklaim described as his message…

“Follow intuition, the stirring in your chest..often it is true to your purpose”

I’d say 99.99% of anyone who’ll read Proklaim’s message will relate to this stirring feeling, this urge, this calling that screams out to you from inside you, telling you to go ahead, pursue, push on forward, and get your worth in life.

With “Around”, Proklaim also had another goal….maybe not just for “Around” but in general regarding music and regarding his contribution…is to make new, fresh, and unique songs both sonically and lyrically…so not just the message, but he also wants to break new sonic ground…go to uncharted musical waters…this is the mindset of someone who is out of change the world.

…and with this being said, “Around” has a unique and fresh sound to it…it is actually a melting pot of different musical ideas and genres with some new concepts thrown in to add spice to the mood.

“Around” can be described as a brave fusion of hip-hop and rap…with some pop elements, hatsune miku style vocal fx…with a palm-muted clean electric guitar thrown in the mix…with a powerful percussive groove to it, while being chill and laid back…that is just trying to put it in a box…maybe it can’t be put in a box and labeled, and that is the beauty of Proklaim’s “Around”.

Proklaim, we wish you all the best in life, you deserve it…and a little more.

Looking forward to your new releases, can’t wait actually.


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