Let Go by Tom Speight


The better the song, the deeper it digs into your memories and sentiments. Tom Speight’s “Let Go” is a bittersweet tune that’s made to sound as euphoric as heaven and feel painful as hell.

“Let Go” is rising pop artist Tom Speight’s charming glimpse of his upcoming album “Love & Light.” The single showcases his artistic identity, which gathers catchy melodies, lush vocals, and tons of emotions.

Although the instrumentation is uplifting, the song provokes gloomy feelings that conjure the scenes of breaking up, the warm moments of the relationship, and how hard moving on is. However, it remains sparkly and carries hope because of the standout vocal harmonies of Tom Speight, which strike a balance between the ache and the strength that comes in its aftermath.

Tom Speight has such a melodic, light-hearted vocal line, and the way he sings the hooking chorus makes one instantly engage by blending with the rhythm, singing along, and feeling the story as if it were their own, even if they had no such experience.

The lyrics may say, “I can’t let go.” Speight’s heartfelt voice may mean it, but the shiny chords and bouncy drumline are saying we’ll try to do so anyway! It’s the “we’re definitely moving on and seeking happiness” reasonable, perky voice in the song.

Well, after giving “Let Go” a listen, you’ve got to admit that Tom Speight is a skilled artist who knows how to squeeze one’s heart and take them to cloud nine at the same time. So wait for his upcoming album, which will be released on August 11th, because he surely still has a lot to offer.


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