Bedrooms by Skeleton Ocean


Performed and produced by the duo consisting of California-based Pop/RnB artist Skeleton Ocean and Australia-based producer LxndxnAve, “Bedrooms” is Skeleton Ocean’s second EP set to be released on June 24th of this year.

Exploring this album is a little bit like opening a personal journal; the context of each page is obscure, yet it still has a great deal of insight. There is never just one tale contained therein; there is a substantial variability. “Contemplative elegance” is the one phrase that comes to mind while attempting to convey the essence of Skeleton Ocean. 

On this album, Skeleton Ocean delivers narratives that are usually introspective and thoughtful, and they do so deftly by combining elements of Indie, Bedroom-Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B. The first track, “Problems,” as the title implies, discusses challenges that emerge between romantic partners. The arrangement is beautifully simple, with thoughtful lyrics and resonant vocal harmonies. In contrast, “sleep pill” features a catchy chorus and captivating hook while keeping the minimalistic motif, despite the absence of the preceding track’s frequent harmonized vocals. Lyrically, it addresses weighty topics like depression and isolation, juxtaposed by nearly lighthearted rhythms. 

Introspective and retro-tinged, “Ride Away” has a snappy 80s beat and engaging lyrics. A weekend-esque song with a focus on vocals and harmony. “No Time” and “A Different Side of Me” feel like listening to a part of a dialogue between a couple discussing regret, moving forward, and hope. A resolution to a disagreement between two people. “Forgiveness” maintains the simple theme. It reflects on the past, but it doesn’t dwell there; instead, it gracefully moves forward. Throughout the whole album, Skeleton Ocean’s expressive voice glides with equal grace amid strong R&B sounds.


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