Flawless by Jordan Jones


Jordan Jones is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. Released in June of this year, “Flawless” is his third single following releases such as  his debut single “Break My Heart” and “Stumble.”

At first hearing, the song reminded me of a Weeknd song, but one that was far more uplifting and positive. It’s a wonderful blend of RnB with heavy elements of non-mainstream Pop, which lends the track its identity. It’s the kind of track you play non-stop on a bright summer morning. 

This track primarily explores the idea of slowing down and living in the moment. It deploys a laid-back, slow-tempo arrangement that features elements of a

vintage synth, perfectly matching its motif. The soft vocals being the primary focus of the arrangement tie all the components together, creating a lovely harmony of sounds. Jordan’s lead vocals immediately bring the song’s positivism to the forefront, with the minimalistic percussion and synth harmonizing wonderfully and complimenting the lead melody.


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