Believer by Kingna Scott


The journey started a long time ago when this artist was in the making for creating the music of the century with a lot to be said about the stories and struggles “Kingna Scott” faced throughout their life. Kingna got the chance to work on her passion in music that was built out of getting bullied during her childhood of not being able to sing, however, a continued spree of releases was out since 2020 until the latest release for the song “Believer” that was available now on 27th of July, 2022 with inspiring messages through the music that is produced.

The song “Believer” is soft rhythmic music and Kingna’s lush sweet vocals swiftly send you away through the song lyrics. It’s about the hustle Kingna went through to get to where she is right now and the road to success that she’s going on right now. Kingna is a believer and knows the abilities that can be shown to her listeners.

Listening to this song “Believer” will get you to understand her message and the story behind this song will get you emotional with what can a person goes through in her life. The passion in her is big that got her to where she is right now. I salute her for this progress.

If you ever get into a downer in life, this song will get you up again, and never give up on whatever you’re trying to achieve, as this is the journey of life that is experienced differently.


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