Daisy by Lockyer Boys

Chad Kirvan

Canadian pop duo Will and Charlie Lockyer, through their project Lockyer Boys, have released a new single, “Daisy” the third from their debut album to be released in 2023.

 Summertime is absolutely the perfect time to drop a song like “Daisy” it’s a pop gem that radiates loads of fun, cute, and sweet about love, living in the moment, and trying to experience true happiness.

 The song begins with a strong beat that soon intersects with smooth, sweet vocals and a smell of fresh pop, the rhythm continues with a beautiful blend that revolves around an infectious hook, and the bass line as it started is the marrow of the song and you can feel it, especially when the chorus starts and leads us into the sections.

 The approximately 3-minute “Daisy” ride, with the sun shining and the colors of the sea reflecting the serenity of the sky, is an explosive song full of youth and festivity. Once you hit the restart button, you won’t be able to stop it.

 Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the duo Lockyer Boys were quickly acclaimed for their wonderful harmony, talent, and mastery of their instruments. They are currently working on their first album, which will be a different experience for them to create a successful future.



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