Bigger by ALLY CRIBB


“Bigger” is Canadian singer ALLY CRIBB’s first solo track, is highly personal and touching, infused with pop influences that are a personal lifeline for singer-songwriter ALLY.

When you listen to the first sentence of the song in ALLY’s voice that is full of enthusiasm and challenge, you will be sure to encourage yourself to break all possible obstacles with your strength. The track contains a powerful message of perseverance in difficult times that resonate especially in the era in which we live.

This highly reassuring track uses a strong foundation to lead us through its hopeful message, from the start we feel optimistic that unexpectedly lifts our spirits due to ALLY’s infectious energy that gives us a real sense of life you can almost hear her smiling and singing.

When you reach minutes 2 and 14 seconds, the instruments stop playing and only the piano and vocals remain, and you find yourself in a perfect space of the track, with Ally’s voice and her control over it and she then leads the track beautifully to the end.

The track “Bigger” is a reimagining of “Creep” that Ally released last year, which she used as a springboard to go in reverse and find her different sound from soft to hard.

“Bigger” you will definitely like if you like Taylor Swift or Joni Mitchell. But with a distinct attraction due to the flavor and feel of the sound. It is a powerful track that establishes Ally Cribb as a new artist to be reckoned with. Makes you wait for “Unbroken” to release its first EP on July 22nd.