Revenge by Ellery Twining


Writing from his point of view to present art that may be personal but fit for everyone, Ellery Twining is the pseudonym chosen by artist Rich Freitas for his musical releases, the first of which is his solo album “Revenge”.

It seems that Twining is trying to get what he wants through “Revenge”, as he is a writer, poet, and singer so we find the storytelling prominent and vibrant throughout the album. It presents us with a philosophical, lyrical, and meditative mixture, telling us a lot about the world in which we live through an inner world rich in tales that emerged through words and melodies.

“Revenge” has 9 tracks made up mostly of spoken words using Twining’s poetry mixed with his music in an easy, fluid atmosphere that we can define as a genre of alternative rock. The tracks have a rustic vibe and acoustic guitars, and soft drums, along with bold bass and touches of electric guitar and piano to add color.

Tracks like “A Month of Sunday” and “Let Me Die Onstage” look like scenes from the movies that paint a very moving picture, using guitar, bass, and acoustic guitars to accompany a sensitive personal journey, as do the tracks “Civic Duty” and “Middle” Name”, “On SCHEDULE” and “Sequence”.

“The Day Jeff Buckley Died” is the most memorable track of the music, and although fictional it captures the essence of what “Revenge” wants to say about the world, using an amazing mix of guitar, drums, bass, and keys, Twining creates a hypnotic atmosphere

Dark and stunning hair will take you to the vibe of the 80s and 90s.

The track “Weatherall” has a soft, intimate feel and a melancholy melody. All the instruments look vibrant, and their composition matches indie, folk, and pop with a leftover of alternative rock.

“Revenge” is a different album because whoever presents it is completely different, it made me feel different feelings. I hope it will pass to you as well when you hear it.



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