Brand New by Jacob Reddy


The latest single from UK-based Indie Rock Artist Jacob Reddy is called “Brand New” and is a two-and-a-half-minute catchy anthem. The way the verses have beautiful and catchy lyrics that are easy to follow, and how the chorus is a vocal line with no words, make this a super catchy tune that crowds love and sing along to in Jacob’s live concerts. I’m in love with the idea that an indie singer-songwriter in our day and age now is opting for a more rock sound, rather than making this a mellow tune with no substance. The song has strong drumming with a prominent snare drum that feels like it’s not a faraway shift from the pop fan’s ear but still sounds organic and raw. I feel like this song was made into this style by Jacob just jamming the chord progression he thought of, and his session musicians winged it. And kudos to whoever of them decided that a little bit of overdrive on the guitars won’t kill the track too, cause it sounds amazing. I found myself whistling and humming the song’s main hook/chorus many times after I heard it. The only con however might be the short length of the track, I can sense that Jacob has a great potential to make a versatile record and once the full album is announced, I’ll be the first to pre-order or pre-save it to get more of his powerful yet accessible sound.