The Reason by Ben-J


Ben-J The artist from Switzerland, Lausanne makes this revolutionary statement in his debut single, titled ‘The Reason’. He leaves us free to accept his presence in the vast world of music.

“The Reason” is a song with special music inspired by ELECTRONIC POP, and a special theme that revolves around rebirth, self-acceptance, and the urge to be creative.

Ben-J manages to put together a wonderful blend of electronic elements and energetic pop rhythm, you feel like you are hitting the ground with your feet and singing along with Ben-J simultaneously, and in the background, the electronic music elements explode as if you are in a multi-dimensional music space.

Ben-J’s voice supports this journey and attracts attention to make your mind float with it. His voice is varied and changing and leaves a frenetic, psychedelic-charged rhythm to feel, swinging between slow and increasing beats and making pops with the music, only to find the song in your head.

Ben-J will continue his journeys through the EP through which we will pass with him from darkness to light, seeing diverse social and personal issues such as violence, abandonment, and paralysis driven by emotions such as maturity, sensitivity, and a sense of responsibility. It contains pop-rock music with some electronic elements, as we heard in “The Reason”.

Ben-J said of his new album, “Music is my passion. It runs in my veins and my bones. This release symbolizes a part of me, and I consider myself lucky to be able to share it. I hope it gives strength, hope, and courage to everyone who hears it.”

“The Reason” can be considered the starting point of a new star in the music sky and the birth of a galaxy of endless tracks created by Ben-J, who has us eager for what is coming soon.


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