Capri Moon by Billy Reeves


Australian rapper rips in with Quick hitter collab on a new release for 2022, we listen to “Billy Reeves” who is born in Melbourne and loves to create his own music for a long time now, releasing a new song “CAPRI MOON” with the help of his friend “IJALE” collaborating within this piece that will be out in the 26th of August, 2022.

The music is mellow and sweet and full of flavorful vibes. Billy is inspired while he was working on this piece and making this effortless song which sends a message out there, trying to relate his music to all the people out there who will receive it with their hearts. 

Billy has been working on his next releases that will amaze us all with the music he creates and gives out with all of his emotions.

The song “CAPRI MOON” says it all, you can clearly listen to the lyrics that are thoughtful and meaningful from this creative artist we have listened to today.


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