Real Love Pt. II by Ron A.P.


The thing about love is that it has no mold; it can’t be labeled in one way of affirmation. Also, it has its own mystery as it can’t be reasoned. In his latest single, “Real Love Pt. II,” Ron A.P. portrays his own notion and vision of real love. II.”

The Atlantic City-born and Baltimore-based Ron A.P. have a dope Hip-Hop style that gets you hooked if you’re a Hip-Hop fan, and even if you’re not so fond of the genre, he gets you to respect his musicianship. With a quick scan of his music, I found out that many songs have the word “love” in their titles, and all of them discuss different themes and different kinds of love. He’s able to depict heartbreak, toxic love, and real love.

“Real Love Pt. II” is a dot between vulnerability and confidence. It captures the pure sentiment when someone is deeply in love enough to compare their partner with the thing that means life to them. In this case, like the opening bar, “I think I love her like I really love this hip hop.” Nevertheless, expressing the depth of love doesn’t conflict with being confident with what you can offer and thinking, “Bet you never had another love like me.” You’ll only need the first listen to realize the lyrical prowess Ron A.P. has. He goes for writing intimate lyrics that reflect his personal experience yet it’s relatable and applicable to your own story and its memories.

Once you hit the play button, you’ll hear bouncy beats that go all the way with you till the end, making you vibe in. The beauty of the single’s sound is its vintage touch, as old school beats’ atmosphere is taking over. His honed rapping combined with his raw, charismatic, naturally flowing voice makes the song’s emotions easily delivered and absorbed.

Each element of the song fits to deliver the picture of real love, but my least favorite element is the music video. It has nice footage, and it entices you to vibe in with Ron A.P.’s passionate singing, but it’s just not organic enough. I didn’t feel the intimacy of the lyrics and performance reflected in the scenes between the artist and the female model. It’s there, but it’s not as powerful as the single itself.

If you ever wonder what real love is, “Real Love Pt. II” below will set a pretty good, sincere example with some snappy tunes.


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