Castles in the Sky by SIMFONIA


UK-based artist SIMFONIA just released a cover of Ian Van Dahl’s “Castles In The Sky”…but took it into a 50/50 experience of an ambient and a dance song…

For the first half of the cover, you’ll experience “Castles In The Sky” like never before…it’s ambient…spacey…free…you feel free, completely unleashed, floating among the clouds…

…then for the second part of the experience, you’ll get a more modern, dance-pop mood…once again, taking the original down a completely different road…it’s a chill modernization of the original’s energy…but way more chill.

The instrumentation used by SIMFONIA is absolutely on point, for the ambient part of the experience…we got to soar high in the skies with the help of the smooth strings section along with the pad sound beds…and for the dance part…we get sucked into it gradually with the shakers and percussions, bit by bit until we find ourselves face to face with the harp sound, a staple of the original song…then the electronic kick creeps in and we find ourselves deep into the dance experience part.

SIMFONIA chose an iconic song to cover it…and SIMFONIA did an absolutely amazing job…the life energy of “Castles In The Sky” is going strong through what SIMFONIA did with that cover.

SIMFONIA already has a lot of releases that can be experienced on the Soundcloud page…this could be what you’ve been looking for in new and unique music…go, check it out.

SIMFONIA, we wish you all the best in life, you’re awesome and we can’t wait to see what you’ll bring next to the world through your music.