Immersion by Claire Bigley


New Orleans based pianist and composer Claire Bigley releases a new track that has a message, a message of a healing nature that she wants to share with the world, this message is “Immersion”.

Before going into the aspects of “Immersions” and why it works as meditative and healing…let’s get to know the artist more…

Claire is based in New Orleans, USA, a city with a long history in music already, a city that has some musical genres tied to its name because of how important and influential the city was and is.

Claire is a composer and pianist at her core…she has some of the most unique and charismatic influences across the musical spectrum ranging from Olufur Arnalds and Nils Frahm to the old masters like Chopin, Debussy, Mahler, Barber…and more.

Already, Claire has some of the most iconic musicians and composers as her influences…and in my opinion, your idols can give an idea of your essence…and this is why when we listen to Claire’s latest track “Immersion” you get to experience many aspects of many different charismatic musical storytellers that popped up as her influences.

“Immersion” is a meditative, healing, minimal, storytelling musical experience that flows like a very surreal dream…it grabs you and puts you in a trance state where you start to soar and explore yourself from within.

The track is mainly piano based with some sonic textures layered across pads and soundbeds, adding to the overall experience and giving it that dreamy state…the healing part comes from the dynamic piano composition, the emotions that run through the composition itself and how its played, performed and captured.

The music has an ascension feeling to its compositions, in the way of taking you from a stationary point and gradually lifting you in the air until you’re soaring high and feeling that emotional energy from inside.

Claire has crafted a very emotional journey for all people to enjoy and by the end of it, hopefully you’ll enjoy a relaxed emotional state…that is the message that Claire hopes to send to everyone.


Speaking of iconic moments in life, Claire had the pleasure on two occasions in the past few years to play with the LPO (Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra) on a Harry Potter concert and their Home Alone holiday concert in 2022, putting her mark on only as a composer but also as an extremely solid musician and performer.


We hope to hear more from Claire, her music is always an experience to go through…and this is one of the reasons why art should be pursued…to make the emotional journeys of other people much more tolerable…at least one of the many reasons why art is an absolute gift to have.

Claire, we wish you all the best in life…can’t wait to hear what you have next for the world.


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