Chasing the Bull by Sam Feinstein


Rarely have you found songs like this that carry strong satire at epic proportions, with Sam Feinstein’s latest hit single “Chasing the Bull” being a strong example, as it targets crypto and NFT scams that have become more common since 2020.

Feinstein embodies the character of a two-faced con artist who tries to lure the get-rich-quick listener into his latest cryptocurrency, running him with his signature wit and humor through the track against a backdrop of jazz that creates a sweet funky atmosphere.

In “Chasing the Bull” we can hear Feinstein sound like he’s singing at home. Raspy and low, he pushes it in seconds to the limit in Tom Waits style, with sudden changes in range and sound effects.

“Chasing the Bull” begins with an invitation that slowly brings us closer and closer to the madness itself. Feinstein’s voice and signature music pull us in, and as the track goes on, its coherent narrative loses all meaning and becomes garbled sound effects, reflecting the gimmicks he critiques.

This condition is also contagious in music. As you begin with solid rhythm and harmonic patterns, the track begins to disentangle itself with each chord vibrating. By the end of the track, we feel as if each machine has gotten out of hand and has taken its course. Solos fill our eardrums in a very exciting and wonderful way.

Sam Feinstein is a California-based singer-songwriter. He performed in various bands. His music has a very personal and creative style. And his songs are inspired by the stories of villains.

I liked “Chasing the Bull” because it is a musical satire in the truest sense of the word, made right by Sam Feinstein and created a track full of strong notes in words and music. If you want to hear this experience for yourself, prepare well because it will attract you to the wonderful world of music.



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