The Renditions by David J


David J just released his latest project with a fresh and interesting approach; why produce new music when you can revisit old ones and revive them? “The Renditions” project is only part one of an upcoming two-part project where he remixed and reinterpreted two singles released back in 2020 “A little too much” and “Prom King”.  The LA and NY- based artist’s undeniable passion for music peaked when he played Mariah Carey’s “Without You” and since then he decided to go on his journey of musical exploration. The singer, songwriter, and producer believes that imperfections are what make everything exceptionally unique in its special way.  He tries to promote the message of acceptance of one’s identity and self while embracing all the flaws and imperfections that accompany it through his music. 

“A Little Too Much” is the first track in the project, it starts with an upfront vocal line accompanied by an interesting keyboard progression that doesn’t end with a cadence but leads us to the first verse of the song that is accompanied by seductive vocals giving the song a strong foundation. The song shifts moods by adding different elements, taking you from one place to the next, later the violins’ sound is added giving the track a sense of sophistication. It is interpretive, authentic and the perfect song to dance a lyrical, modern dance piece along. 

Followed by the 2nd track “Prom King” which is a light song that you can enjoy on an evening ride, a song that is a perfect fit for the romantic, modern couple. 

It would be quite interesting if you listen to both versions of each song and enjoy the evolution of the artist’s talent, thoughts, and emotions.



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