Checking out the work of Proklaim made me realize that I know shamefully little about the vibrant Namibian rap culture. ‘CIVIL’ is the title of his latest single, and the delightful lyricisms, and mastered flow, on top of snappy afro beats and a detailed arrangement is a wonderful display of the man’s multitude of talents.

 Hailing from the Namibian capital Windhoek, Proklaim opened my eyes to the fact that Namibia is more than just the only African country to have been colonized by Germany. Indeed, the effortlessness that exudes from ‘CIVIL’ is a more than capable display of Proklaim’s heritage and inspirations. Inspirations including Tupac, Wutang Clan, and Biggie ensure that Proklaim will provide us with juicy rhythms and a solidly constructed piece of writing, and ‘CIVIL’ is just that.

 Led by afrobeat and a bustling background of horns and a male choir that chants an instantly catchy chorus hook, the atmosphere created takes us straight to bustling, African streets. Oozing with color, Proklaim’s voice and delivery are balanced perfectly, to say the least. With words that are easy to follow, a dynamic rhythm to the lines, and the aforementioned melodic hook, ‘CIVIL’ is just loaded with endless entertainment, and the weighty lyrics make it so that the entertainment is not devoid of emotional weight.

 A terrific musician, ‘CIVIL’ compels us to tell you to take a deeper dive into Proklaim’s Spotify releases, where you’ll find a wealth of succulent vibes with afrobeat, warm melodies, and rich boom rap from Africa’s Land of the Brave.



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