Moon and Aries, the renowned music duo that creates unique fusions of Electronic, Pop, Cinematic Synth Pop, Trip-Hop, RnB/Soul, and many, many more… They’ve released their latest single “Nothing To Lose”….and it is a gem.

With Jordana Moon in Canada and Tom Aries in Germany, they have proven that time zones and borders don’t challenge their unique musical creations. Their debut album, “The Arrival” was released in 2022, followed by “Paradise” in 2023 and “Transcendence” in September 2024.

Moon and Aries are releasing their third song, “Nothing To Lose,” featuring the brilliant saxophone player Joko Magic. “Nothing To Lose” is inspired by their musical journey, encouraging taking risks and going all in. 

..and let’s not forget the artistic collaboration with the amazingly talented “Carainaae” back with her brilliant pen work for the cover art that she did for “Nothing To Lose”.

As always, you cannot expect what Moon and Aries will do…you can only be sure of one thing…and that is you’ll be surprised while getting some excellent musical and vocal performances, with catchy melodies that will stick for time to come…

Exactly what they did with “Nothing To Lose”…

you might have thought that with their previous works between the electronic, orchestral, and unique hybrids they would do something like this but in a new light…nope, they went all out and made something completely new…an R&B song with some of the most soulful vocal lines and saxophone melodies, excellent emotional vibes.

Moon and Aries are always on the frontiers of great music and song…they continue this, walking with powerful and steady musical steps…

“Nothing To Lose” is a moody, soulful R&B journey that can easily be put on repeat for hours…

Make sure you get to experience this unique trip, you might fall in love with it…well, you’ve got “Nothing To Lose”!

Wishing the brilliant duo all the best.




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