Close To My Chest by CASSIDY DICKENS


 The peppy and relatable singles of Cassidy Dickens return with the nice and warm brand-new release ‘Close to My Chest’.

 Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Cassidy Dickens is a singer and songwriter whose country and Americana offerings are always warm and effervescent. With her serene and relaxing vocals, touching, simple compositions, and genial lyrics, Cassidy Dickens’s songs have always been easy to get into, but never easier than on her latest, ‘Close to My Chest’.

 Keeping her feelings close to her chest, Dickens’s latest release is populated by sweet and percussive banjos, ukuleles, and a rhythm-keeping wooden click (origin unknown). The result is a sparse mix that leaves space for Cassidy’s beautifully layered vocals, and her charming lyrics. The immersive mix is also home to a stirring banjo solo that’s just to be expected. Particularly noteworthy are the well-calculated vocal harmonies. Showcasing Cassidy’s terrific control and taste, they single-handedly elevate the song to a whole different level of stirring goodness.

 Beautifully written, sung, and produced, ‘Close to My Chest’ is enjoyable and touching. Playfully showcasing a detrimental problem that arises in our relationships, the singer keeps things light-hearted with her witty lyrics and charming deliveries in her showstopping new single, simple, breezy, and genuinely pretty.



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