An upcoming contender in the electro-pop world just released his latest single, an edgy and energetic ball of fire…

Nicholas Dante released “Topsy Turvey”…get ready for a very energetic electro-pop whirlwind that will sweep you off your feet.

Dante is based in New York, USA, he wrote “Topsy Turvey” during quarantine, where and when he was in a dark mood…but he took that dark energy and channeled it into this electro-pop energetic song that is sure to get the energy out of you and make you move.

The energy of “Topsy Turvey” is something that should be a club anthem that plays to get people going…it should be the official anthem at the beginning of the night, every night in the club.

The music has edgy synth riffs, blasting beats, and a solid percussive section, and the vocals carry all the rest of the blasting energy.

If you want to get your blood going, and you’re energy pumping, you should give Nicholas Dante’s latest single “Topsy Turvey” a go…right now.

We wish Dante all the best in life, he deserves it and much more.