Connexus by ONVN


Each artist is given the freedom to express themselves via music in a way that showcases their skills, originality, personalities, and sincere sentiments. That’s why ONVN chose to express his affection through his own epic soundscape in “Connexus.”

German artist ONVN creates enticing realms with the use of electronic music, particularly Deep House and Techno. His most recent song, “Connexus,” shows how Hans Zimmer, NTO, and Johann Pastor have influenced him. It holds the dramatic touch that’s always there in Zimmer soundtracks, yet it has upbeat electronic elements that blend well with the phenomenal atmosphere.

“Connexus” means “connected” in Latin, and one of the best ways to convey genuine connection is through an emotive musical piece. The sensational song is meant to be a gift for ONVN’s girlfriend, who’s also into electronic music. This is the reason why it’s released on Valentine’s Day, and this is also why it’s composed of soul-stirring elements that head together to the depths of sensibility.

The song starts dynamically with beats and claps, which give the impression that it’s going to be a peppy, danceable number. However, it soon proves that it carries more than that and digs deep to reach more vulnerable emotions than joy. The strings, along with the synth, play the key role in offering the melodic, profound part of the track, which urges one to shed a tear while they’re swaying.

The focus is on the instrumental component, where the melodies and rhythms connect with the listener on a substantial level. Nevertheless, the few lyrical lines and resonating vocal performance enhance the intimate mood and soulfully illustrate how it feels to be falling in love.

It took me a while to decide how I felt about this production because I hadn’t heard many tracks like it before. Nevertheless, that’s the same point that made me realize that ONVN is an exceptional songwriter and producer. He undoubtedly has his own way of making sophisticated music that can be both elating and poignant.

Enjoy the dreamy journey and dedicate the track to your Valentine!