Claim Me by Jasi Bella


Pop singer Jasi Bella released a new irresistible electronic pop song titled “Claim Me” on the 3rd of February from London, United Kingdom.

Jasi Bella is a Swedish singer-songwriter who has an amazing ability to capture moments in her songs. Each song is unique with different themes and styles, yet all of Jasi Bella’s songs throughout her discography sound like Jasi Bella.

The latest track “Claim Me” is an irresistible electronic dance-pop song, with Jasi Bella’s unique style about a romantic relationship that ended as soon as it started.

Relationships that could have been are an all too common experience for many of us, as they never happen for all kinds of different reasons, and Jasi Bella’s “Claim Me” is relatable for any one of those different reasons, as it encompasses a wide range of experience that surely you might have been through as well.

Jasi Bella has successfully managed to build her brand as an artist through her music that aims to break down stereotypical clichés on relationships and gender. Her unique approach is surely one that will make influential cultural waves in the global music scene, as so much of the global culture is timidly concerned with gender-related issues. 

Jasi Bella is a voice that confidently speaks her truth and cuts through the unchallenged noise of the old ways.