Dead Before My Eyes by Absinthe Green


Absinthe, a multi-instrumentalist musician who experimented with a lot of bands and instruments in different countries across Europe before forming her own band; “Absinthe Green”. A trio band where Absinthe is the main vocalist and on rhythm guitar, Villy Pirris on Bass and Harry Mason on drums who was her former bandmate when she was part of RandomWalk the Greek dark metal act. 

“Dead before my eyes” is first single released from their upcoming debut album “Of Love and Pain” that is produced by the remarkable Hiili Hilesmaa who worked with renowned artists, HIM for instance. The intro of the song reminded me of Metallica’s style and progression of chords, the first thing that caught my attention after the intro was how upfront and aggressive the lyrics were. The message that’s being delivered through the lyrics, the construction of the music and even the video clip is quite powerful. After all, how many girls are brave enough to send such a powerful message to their exes after a traumatic relationship and break up? The chorus has a very interesting backing choir of men that sound like a cheer rather than a scream. Aside from the catchy guitar riff which is the main musical theme, there’s a very catchy rich guitar solo and lick that blows your mind away.

We’re quite eager to listen to the rest of the debut album which will consist of 11 tracks that will probably take us on a journey of love, hate, pain, recovery, and empowerment.