Lavender Brown by Maja Laura

Sisi Cecylia

A woman who does it all; Maja is a Polish pianist, lyricist, composer, vocalist and to top it all, she started her own record label and currently publishing her work through it. 

The artist is currently working on her debut album that she is publishing through her own record label “Maja Laura records” in which she refers to as the temple of truth. “Lavender Brown” is her second track from her upcoming album “Bardo” which in translation means “transitional state”, born from a painful and personal place after the artist went through a breakup. “Lavender Brown” is not your usual alternative/progressive song. It’s vague, mysterious, personal, and unexpected. The Lyrics, mixing, music, and vocal line are all by Maja where she chose to use modern and unusual sound effects. The theme throughout the entire album is a compilation of her favorite quotes but in this song, she focused on two stories and a quote from the Harry Potter movie. In the first verse and intro of the song she mentions a date and tells a story with true events that she went through in her past relationship while using a specific electronic loop and depicting a robotic sound like in her vocal line. Then verse two comes in with a different story and the electronic loop and theme changes, moving to the last theme which is inspired from Harry Potter she chose to use distorted, psychedelic sounds as depiction of unreality while maintaining the same music for the chorus. 

It’s not every day you come across an artist that does it all and as passionate and authentic as Maja; she chose not to compromise in the way she wants to express her true self to the world. 


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