Delphi releases dancefloor charmer ‘The Real’


A rising star of R&B who infuses her talents with cultural roots and a penchant for genre-blending songwriting, Delphi’s recent run of singles has seen her dart through the emotional spectrum, the latest stop on the journey being the vibrant dancefloor whirl of ‘The Real’, featuring Preethevibes. 

Making waves in her home country of Sweden, Delphi’s performances have been seen across Europe, notably performing at the Ricci Weekender festival in Sicily. Consistently exciting and evolving singles have given way to an anticipatory buzz, one that continues to grow with each release.

‘The Real’ is immediately one of the warmest, most enticing tracks you’ll hear this summer. The sultry vocals invite you onto the dance floor, leading you by the hand, whilst the bouncy beats and clean brass melodies keep you moving. The vivid afro-R&B vibes give way to an anthemic essence, the chorus built on an enchanting, infectious hook. The second verse is another alluring performance, with the end of the track truly opening up the tuneful chant to the audience, giving you plenty of room to sing along. 

Delphi adds, “’The Real’ is a song that delves into the essence of self-worth and about trusting that you’ll attract what’s best for you.

It will make you want to bend over and shake your booty and is just the perfect soundtrack for liberation and fun.”

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