Detroit Gangsta by DEANO


A masterfully crafted blend of Latin pop and rap music by American artist DEANO, he brought it to us in his fun track “Detroit Gangsta”. He is an artist who effortlessly integrates pop, folk, country, hip-hop, and funk into his tracks.

DEANO creates a kind of hip-hop that is out of the ordinary, and his collaborations with alternative artists enable him to create melodies and arrangements that no one would have expected. And his “Detroit Gangsta” track was a hit versus the creative because you’ll hear it in a rhythm that’s opposite to the lyrical content and fast flow.

“Detroit Gangsta” is a track that will have you swinging from left to right due to the music and the bullets of serious gangsters, the music is perfectly designed to immerse you in a deep gangster ride. Its calming chords will enchant you while the sweet, sweet Latin flow and a hint of jazz that takes the track off the beaten path.

The song is so catchy, addictive, and powerful that you will surely find your feet moving with the music and you will be confused about how to dance, this is what makes the track one of the best party playlist songs.

DEANO focuses on releasing singles, which he says allows him the freedom to be more spontaneous and not have to create songs that fit together to release an album.

Known for his very fun and innovative experimental music, influenced by rock ‘n’ roll, blues, disco, R&B, Funk, and Country during the ‘70s, he has 26 tracks all strong and vibrant, he is one of the most versatile artists I’ve heard and nothing will stop him from rising to the top.


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