No is A nice word by 7000apart


What if you’re lost in your thoughts, drowning in some negative conclusions and consciousness? Unaware of what to do. Searching for peace of mind is now a demand priority. The adequate amount of mental health you perceive from your music is no longer fulfilling, and that might mean that you never heard of a band called ‘7000apart which is originally relying on maintaining mental health within their listeners.

7000apart are Amelie Eiding and Jon Kresin, originally high school mates, but life decided to wait and give them both the love and relationship they needed. Amelie is from Sweden, while Jon is from Wisconsin. When Amelie was studying in Wisconsin as an exchange student they met and fell in love, but then when she traveled back home, they experienced a 7000 kilometers distance within their long-distance relationship, then they decided to form a couple of duo bands under the name 7000apart.

A band that is devoted to delivering music in a psychological manner and enhancing mental health among their listeners. 

The released track titled ‘No is A Nice Word’ relies upon a simple healthy concept when applied as it waives the addressee from doing something they can’t stand. If you say no more often to things you don’t like, you would sense more meaning in those you said yes to.

The track kicks off with an electric mellow guitar fingerstyle riff, and sooner Amelie pours out her heartfelt warm vocals stunningly as a pop star accompanied by some epic backing choirs levitating the track’s level of seriousness within.

Unlike most pop/rock tracks this one contained an expressive solo of what could feel like in one’s mind if they didn’t have the chance to stand up and refuse what they don’t feel like.

The finger-clapping along with the slight sound of drums and soothing vocals give the track a slight vibe for the listener to acknowledge what is being said and consider the message and accept it serving the overall noble objective of the band, preserving the mental health of their listeners.

We’re surely awaiting passionately for what is more to be released by the American-Sweedish couple, given that the 7000 kilometers happily don’t exist anymore.


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