Don’t Make Me Sing by Justin Llamas


Justin Llamas is back with a new single, “Don’t Make Me Sing,” an emotional pop ballad about the burden of performing while experiencing internal anguish. This song is dedicated to those of us who had to pretend nothing was wrong to get by.

Justin Llamas is one of the most prominent YouTube cover artists in the world today, with over 20,000 subscribers and 4 million views. Using YouTube as his platform, Justin has amassed a substantial fan base and has received feedback from the musicians he has covered. As a result of his popularity, Justin has also entered the film and television industries. After receiving praise from L.A. Reid, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, and Babyface for “Gold,” Justin demonstrates with this latest single that he is capable of surpassing anyone in his field. Even though the young musician is still developing his skills, this track is his greatest yet.

Through his emotionally driven and passionate vocals, Justin Llamas expertly conveys his vulnerability, determination, and soulfulness. In this song, Justin addresses difficulties navigating the numerous masks he must wear to keep things going while still struggling internally.

He sings portions of the verses in a deeper tone, which emphasises his emotional fragility. It has a lot of soul; mesmerising melodies that stand out; and a clear element of honesty in the way the song is written, performed, and arranged. 

In order to connect with the listener, a pop/R&B song must have dynamic production, soulful lyrics, and a dose of genuine passion, which most pop/R&B performers seem to overlook as an essential component of composition. On the other hand, through song-writing, Justin Llamas chooses to centre these aspects in his music, which is precisely what makes it stand out. 


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