The Empathizer (sha na nah) by Prince Joely


Prince Joely is a psychedelic artist based in Portland, Oregon. His latest release, “Empathizer (Sha Na Na),” is a breath of fresh air amongst its contemporaries thanks to its wholly original sound.

The tune is both written and produced by Prince Joely and features an energising and fresh vocal performance by Mariya May as well as psychedelic guitar soundscapes by Mo Douglas.

The vintage, retro-futuristic style that Prince Joely employs gives the impression that it propels the listener into a new dimension of existence.

He possesses a psychedelic and hypnotic sound that will give you the impression that you are going on a voyage into the depths of your own subconscious.

There is an intense focus on each and every component and detail of the melodies. The track incorporates a wide variety of sounds, some of which, in theory, shouldn’t be able to coexist with one another. However, in practice, these sounds are able to work in perfect harmony and generate a unique atmosphere for the song; this is where Prince Joely’s talent shines through.


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