Double-Edge Sword by Fantastic Mr Marcel


Fantastic Mr. Marcel’s latest single is a soulful one with gargantuan proportions, an alluring mystique, a solid groove, and a vibe of luxury and drama that will keep you hooked, then will bring you back for more.

A London-based artist, Fantastic Mr. Marcel is following up his last trip-hop soul single ‘Black & White’, which received a lot of success, with one more gem titled Double-Edge sword. Featuring vocal verses from Martin Oet and Minimalist, Double-Edge Sword does almost everything right. Sitting somewhere between Morcheeba and Hooverphonic, Double-Edge Sword has the kind of vocal charm that will keep you hooked and compelled to find out more about the situations sung about, on top of simple and effective songwriting that has the luxurious allure of the pan-European powerhouse collective, Hooverphonic. 

The songwriting uses a memorable descending harmony that’s at once familiar and accessible, yet very poignant and vivid. The programmed beats are hectic and dynamic, they easily build an unerring groove, and with 3 distinct verses, each sung by either Marcel, Oet, or Minimalist, the song is a smorgasbord of vocal styles, bound together by a driving, dynamic chorus that keeps on giving. The production is sublime with its tightness and efficiency, and the end result is a grooving single with an amazing standard of quality. 

I’m pleased to announce that Mr Marcel has been more than successful in following up his latest success with one more. Double-Edge Sword is a fantastic single with great features, an amazing sound with tons of replay value. This single is one I’ll be returning to for weeks to come. 


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